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Since then, it has been one of the leading companies in the field of supplying equipment and services in the field of occupational safety. We are the product of previous years of experience in different business sectors in the health field. The Elshamela group for occupational safety is the largest private group providing health service in Libya and the Middle East region, and the group is considered one of the The best companies in the supply of occupational safety products.

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Importing lifting equipment, personal protective equipment, fall protection systems, measuring and calibration devices, all provided by El shamela Safety Company for Occupational Safety Services.

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Providing specialized trainers of engineers in the field of training helps greatly in the success of the training process and achieving the desired goals, as training needs trainers with high capabilities.

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There is no doubt that the company aims to provide financing services in the best form, as it has become the official agent for many international and international companies, and this, if indicated, indicates that the company is always looking for the best.


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